Catrin Müller

Artist for painting, photography and poetry. MA dance drama teacher, yoga teacher for 20 years, management of the Shaktiyogaloft in Berlin. Seminar leader abroad in Portugal, Spain, Corfu and India-Auroville.

For many years I have been working artistically using different kinds of media and various forms of expressions. In doing so it leads to different kinds of combinations such as painting combined with dance or poetry with photography. This fusion of diverse media as well as taking part in art projects and exhibitions inspire me deeply. In the studio I develop creative flow processes to explore the art of painting. That way I again and again create a space for internal and external development.
"For me painting is an expression of souldance with colour and light."

05/2016 Ausstellung für Fotografie "Flower-Power" mit Musik Duo Kirk in der Kapelle am Urban,

02/2016 Flower-Power Photography Vernissage & Music Event im Shakti-Yogaloft.

11/2015 Internationale Trevisan Art Vernissage in Bologna/Italy
"Little Treasures" series of photographs with 4 Self-portrais 20x20 in Pop Art.

12/2014 Kultur-Event mit Poesie im Shaktiyogaloft, Berlin.

05/2014 Malerei & Gedichte "Farbräume im Lichterspiel" im Atelier am Chamissoplatz in

01/2014 Eröffnung des eigenen Atelier Art & Creation in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

11/2013 Abstrakte Acrylmalerei "Sinfonie der Elemente" in der Kapelle am Urban, Berlin.

6/2013 Foto-Gedichteband "The Golden Tree" & EBook im Epubli-Verlag.

12/2012 Multimediaperformance mit Fotografie-Dia-Projektionen kombiniert mit
Poesie-Gedichten in Berlin.

06/2012 Fotokunstband "Erwachen im Wind" gestaltet mit Gedichten, Lyrik und Fotokunst in Kombination,
erschienen im Epubli Verlag.

01/2010 Eröffnung des Shakti-Yogaloft für Ausbildungen, Yoga & Kunstevents.

06/2004-11/2012 tätig als Ausbilderin am IEK-Berlin für Tanz/Theaterpädgogik & Kunsttherapie/Ausdrucksmalerei.